It’s No Secret – Go To Recipes

Recipes sharing is a great gift to give.

One of the main reason I started this blog is to be more creative and to take on the new challenge of sharing some culinary trials and tribulations found in the kitchen. The goal is to promote learning and sharing among the masses and extend past our close family and friends.

The aspiration is to encourage budding chefs to get out of their comfort zone and promote healthier alternatives to the growing reliance of processed convenience foods. Small steps in the kitchen can be taken by anyone to increase personal and social interactions through food. It may seem a little ironic that technology is the venue of choice, but it all starts at home.

Anyone can take up the challenge, no matter what your skill level may be or what your schedule may allow. Make relaxing and enjoying food and good company a priority and you will be greatly rewarded for the effort.

My husband and I both work full time with somewhat varying schedules, often having only 1 day a week together as a family. We also tend to a toddler with an abundance of energy and needs of her own. Incorporate what and who you can into the kitchen. Use it not only for a learning for yourself, but for those around you too. Your relationship with food will lead to life skills that extend beyond the walls of your home. It can lead to further education at the grocery store, fresh food market, local producers and on a global scale.

So I hope you enjoy the time creating your own culinary legacy and grant inspiration to those around you.

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