It Starts at Home

My family is my home and the kitchen is it’s heart. It is the gathering place where we laugh, cry, create and where truces are made.

Everyone has a place that holds a certain energy. The place where once you reach it can magically put the prospective on the ciaos life sometimes deals. A place where you are automatically welcome when things seem not to be going your way. Being creative and at ease in the kitchen can come naturally to some. It expands beyond those walls into the other aspects of your life and reaches out to others.

Washing dishes with Daddy

The passion that you have for something can lift up another person’s day. The act of involving someone to join and share your sacred space it truly a gift.

Our little family of 3 is a melting pot of ideas and energy. We take turns taking the lead and inspiring each other. It snowballs until we have our final masterpiece. My husband loves the idea and the final product – absolutely hates the process. I love the process from dreaming up ideas and all the way through to the end. Our daughter – well she is just in it! She had high energy and is usually up for anything we throw at her. What toddler requests goat cheese and big crackers? Love blue cheese and turns up her nose if her plate does not look the same as yours (initially anyways)?

Singing in the kitchen

As we open our home, we open our hearts to our friends. They are a fixture of our make up, a sounding board to our random ideals and a ground to the whirlwind of doubts.

We love to entertain and bring others into the fold of the rhythm of our ways. They are always up for the adventure of pitching in and making their mark. Aiding in the festivities by doing some prep work, entertaining others while we patiently wait to indulge or even more importantly – fixing a drink. No matter what the circumstances we are all in it for the experience.

Our home is open to those who want to let go and join the journey.

Couple time