From Your Roots

The ever changing environment of the Land of Living Skies has shaped my need to move forward, create and appreciate.

Now for some that do not call it home may write off the prairies as a vast amount of flatness that you endlessly drive through to get to your next destination. Growing up on a farm you gain a great sense of purpose at an early age. Everyone pitches in to help and many hands do make light work. It is not uncommon to see neighbours who are like family on a regular basis.

My immediate family consists of loving parents, and older brother and 2 younger sisters. No matter what the task, we all had our parts to play. Whether it was harvesting the garden, cutting the grass, combining the crops, making meals or generally getting along with one another we all stepped up.

There is always room at the table, an extra plate and a story to tell.

Our home was always open to many -relatives, neighbours and friends. There was always enough food to go around and a plate could always be made up before you took your coat off. My Mom has a special way of making anyone feel welcome and I don’t recall too many offers to pull up a chair being refused. Maybe it has still stuck with me as I usually cook enough to feed the neighbourhood, my coworkers or the friends we call up to come for dinner.

There was an epic barbecue surprise birthday dinner for my husband with a couple of friends that arrived from out of town. There was homemade burgers, a variety of cheese to top it off, bacon and any condiment you could think of. Homemade brown beans in the slow cooker and about 7 different salads to please any fancy. I couldn’t forget cupcakes for dessert of course. I must mention that this was all for 4 adults.

*disclaimer – it may have been an extreme case of food preparation and not entirely my fault. I was heading into my 3rd trimester. I blame the baby.

The can do attitude and the fearlessness of trying something new is something that my parents have ingrained in us kids. We show no mercy when there is a challenge and are quick to assist and offer a hand. I grew up in my Mom’s shadow while at home and we never really appreciated each other until we lived apart. The lessons she taught me at an early age in the kitchen is the foundation of what I pass onto my daughter, my friends and you.