Freedom & Humour

You know nothing is better than having a laugh at yourself or the situations you may find yourself in. The best memories are made when you allow yourself to let go and have some fun.

Cooking can be a serious thing for some, but if consumes your every calculated action are you really having fun? Some of the best creations have come from accidentally mistakes that happen or when you allow yourself to leave the scripted recipe a little and branch out.

Diva coffee cup

Ever wondering how some of the classic culinary combinations have come to be a standard in our everyday? Who thought of strawberry and rhubarb? Peanut butter and chocolate? Someone veered to the left and said “What if I add this, omit that or wonder if this would work together?” It happened at one point.

Customizing your creations comes with ease and confidence in the kitchen. As you build up your skills and become more sure of yourself the rest is history. I find that to this day. New recipes that I attempt can come crashing down as I fall victim to not trusting my instincts and knowing what to adjust. AKA: macarons! Don’t get me started on those. Still a working progress. It has now become a thing…..

Chocolate macaron

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my spin one some classics and I would love to hear how you made it yours!