Beer Bacon Bands – YQR Edition

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone needs a little rock and roll in their life. Time to get the boots out and showcase what YQR has to offer!

Beer Bacon Bands (BBB) is no minors allowed event that highlights spirits, food that includes bacon and entertainment also. There are a variety of vendors that attend, but I especially liked seeing the local businesses that participated. It is a 2 night annual event that also has a designated charity recipient.


As a blogger who likes to share personal recipes and culinary ideas you can get a little stuck in your bubble. Now don’t get me wrong. I love, love, love the bubble. Working, playing and living in the heart of the city has so many great advantages. It really does and I will be the first to let you know how fortunate it is to have all this within a 20 minute walk.

Sometimes you do need to bust out of the kitchen and see what else is out there. Not only for sanity purposes, but for inspiration and to meet people as passionate about their craft as you are. The opportunity to enjoy an evening of live music while feasting on bacon themed creations and sampling ales is something that I could not pass up. To say that the Beer Bacon Bands event is something I was looking forward to is an understatement.



It is no secret that Saskatchewan micro breweries have made a big splash on the scene. There has been a movement to support local craft beer which is super exciting! There are so many creative and innovative small batch breweries in the city now which provides a wide selection of stouts, ales, mead and the like. The dream is a reality when you bring your growler down to one of the locations and have the chance to try what is new. Hell, hops from my backyard were even donated to one of the breweries for a community based batch last year.


The variety is fantastic and BBB is a great way to sample what a number of local brew masters have to offer. It is great to see the attendants enjoying their wares, but also to see the camaraderie between the breweries. There is much discussion on what each is doing and you can tell that it is a community movement with support for each other. Not to be left out are the local businesses that supply fantastic wines and spirits.




Somethings in life are just wonderful and bacon is up at the top! Sweet, savoury, peppery- any way you want it. The food sampling is so delicious. There are some innovative ways to incorporate bacon into desserts, soup, appetizers and even candy. Yes! Bacon lollipop candy. Mmmm… Local food establishments really brought their game when it came to providing the masses with a tasty treat. Everything has bacon in it. I really can’t tell you which was my absolute favourite as they each delivered something unique and special. Going from one station to the next you are met with a delightful surprise of what the next morsel will be!


There was refreshing combinations of sweet and savoury for the dessert selections that include whiskey caramel bacon bark, maple bacon cheesecake, and maple panna cotta with candied bacon to name a few. Let’s just call it heaven! The more savoury samplings that topped my list was the beer bacon pretzel, bacon wrapped polenta, bacon jam with pickled onions and beer bacon cheeseburger soup with a pickle on top. There was also straight up candied bacon that paired nicely with the golden ale that just so happened to be in my sample cup at the time.



Now an evening out can be complete without the addition of some live music and some sick beats by the DJ. BBB delivers on this account as well. As you wander back and forth from each level eating and drinking along the way, the energy from the music can be heard all night. There is nothing like music to get the body moving. Being a huge fan of live music it made me think that it has been forever  since the last time date nights out included it. It used to be a regular occurrence in mine & hubbies dating days and we are apt to bringing it back in the future. For a moment I skipped back in time and it was magical.

The live selection on the main stage was a mash up of ska, blues and good old rock and roll which you can never go wrong with. It created an atmosphere that made catching up with friends you randomly bump into even more exciting. As a bonus, I have made some new ones too! I must say that the upper level dj was working it. The persona and stage presence he provided made it fun for everyone. It was definitely up my alley and I am seriously contemplating making some arrangements to have him at my birthday celebration this year. Hoping the stars align on that!

Can’t wait to see what is in store next year! Till then BBB2017, thanks for the memories.


Disclaimer: Complimentary entry into the event was provided under media event coverage. All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

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