For the Love of Chocolate

Ah, love and chocolate! They are synonymous with each other and it appears even more so it seems when Love Day (aka: Valentine’s) arrives. Both can be smooth and delightful at times or reversely somewhat temperamental.20151211_230317-01

Helping span the spectrum of emotions, chocolate is greatly known to provide a mocha hug to the thoroughly distraught and make everything seem just a touch better it.

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! – Lucy Van Pelt (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz)

 It is a wonderment how versatile it’s applications is, from the obvious dessert diva to subtle mellowing effect it has on the most peppery of dishes. Like a relationship it has the give and take of the limelight. To be honest, we mainly appreciate it’s ‘Type A’ personality. The bold and beautiful richness encompasses our palette to overcome all our senses. Who can resist being engulfed in the glory of chocolate?

The love affair begins for most at first bite! As testament, my daughter had her first taste when she was 2. Prior to that it was a forbidden food that once finally experienced became a special occasion treat that can be shared with the adults in the house. It was a rite of passage into another world that opened up. She never looked back. The requests often come for a chocolate flavoured sweet of choice. Really, who could blame her?

Anyone who has worked with chocolate knows just how temperamental it can be if not treated with the care and addition any relationship deserves. It can often seize up when not attended to. When this happens, do you ditch or try to coax it back to the way it once was? While it does require a little effort, the rewards are handsome in the end.

So this V-Day, take some time for the ones you love and treat yourself to a silky bit of chocolate. You surely won’t be disappointed.


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