When a Peach is No Longer a Peach

Seems like a riddle no one wants to be true

– When a Peach is No Longer A Peach


I fondly remember when a peach tasted like a peach. It can be sadly applied not only to peaches but to a wide variety of our convenience ‘fresh’ produce now mass produced for storage, shelf life, transport and profit. The variety today has only the essence of what it should be. We have become complacent in the quality what is readily available.

We should take part ownership of where we are today. Demands of produce provided year round, instead of during their natural season. Granted, I expect lower quality if purchasing produce during off season but it seems that there is no difference which time you make your purchase.

What a novel idea of the produce being grown for flavour?

I would consume less and be more satisfied with peaches being juicy to the bite and not dried and woody. Tomatoes with the acidic aroma and flavour when you smell them and not lifeless red rounds used as filler. Oranges full of coveted juice instead of dried pulp. This list could go on and on.

It seems to go back in time and have this experience the options are to grow it yourself if you are a lucky to have the climate, space and green thumb or support a local business that produces them. Both not bad alternatives to what the general supermarket has to offer lately. We often overlook what what opportunities we have before us.


Example in point – My husband and I traveled from Rome to Sicily on our honeymoon. We were taking the train in the early morning and headed to a local night stand for some fresh fruit to take on our journey. In the morning we boarded the train for our journey to the island (very cool adventure of it’s own – the train boards a boat!). My hubby was taking a nap and I decided to catch up on some reading while having a snack.

The first bite into the soft flesh of the peach met with an explosion of juice that filled my mouth and ended up running down my chin. Wow! I have not had that experience in many years. My mind was filled with excitement as it smelt, tasted and had the texture of a peach. It was not the woody, dry, flavourless bite that I had become complacent to. All the senses were enlightened at once. ‘It was a real PEACH!’ I felt sad saying it. It was like an old friend was gone forever until you come across a faint memory.

Later on my husband woke up from his nap and wanted a snack. He grabbed the peach and was lifting it to his lips. Part of me was excited to see his reaction once his first bite was taken. You see, he is a foodie like me. I casually suggested that he take the napkin I was offering. He brushed it off and stated he did not need it. This was going to be good! The first bite. Juices filling his mouth. Running down his chin. Excitement as he reaches for the napkin that was still being offered. Finally the words came, ‘Now that is a peach!’.

When we arrived at our destination in Sicily it was on an Orange Park. It had a garden with fresh vegetable, lemon trees and of course the oranges. It was a peaceful paradise with all the amenities nature provides at your finger tips. Nearby a new mall was being constructed which everyone in the area was excited about. Perceived progress but at what cost? The quaint orange orchard was the get away that boasted harmony with nature.

I am hoping to return back to Italy once again to find the peach and share it with my daughter so she has an understanding of what a peach tastes like. To teach her to savour the moments and appreciate the flavour, texture and taste of what it should always be.


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  • brent says:

    spot on, we have lost the taste of fresh food. in the drive for supply we have traded off the flavour in exchange for shelf life. bravo for the post. keep them coming

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