Sunday Soup

“Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living.  For soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish.”
Louis P. De Gouy, ‘The Soup Book’ (1949)

Soup is a dish often under utilized and overlooked. Left on the back burner for the more desired and complex dinner menus.

Its versatility astounds, as it takes on so many forms and flavours. From broth like to creamy bisque, savoury to sweet it can set the mood for the courses to come or be the star of the show.Creamy wild rice & chicken soup

When was the last time soup was a course at dinner party you attended? It seems as of late to have taken on a stigma of being somewhat old fashioned. Is it because it is steeped in tradition with recipes handed down for generation? Or maybe it has become a convenience canned item purchased for emergencies? Either reason why it has fallen out of ‘food fashion’?Baked Potatoe Soup

With unlimited cultural and ethic backgrounds to chose from, the opportunities a endless. Soup is a staple that we have long taken for granted.

Recently I have been dabbling in some Sunday Soup – taking the opportunity to combine ingredients in order to layer flavours that will develop over a slow cooking time. *Even better the next day. As the week is busy with work and play, a go to quick meal prepared ahead of time seems to be a lifesaver. It is the comfort food ready and waiting to be served with a complimentary sandwich or bread.

Leek & artichoke heart soup. Dressed with olive oil, fresh ground pepper, plum tomato, green onion & green olive tapenade. Rye crostini with parmesean & black pepper for dipping.

This dish is not underneath the snobbiest of foodies when prepared with proper care and love. With the base ingredients softened and the pan deglazed to lifting every bit of flavour from the bottom it is a wonderful start to the journey to your taste buds. The addition of the remaining ingredients and spices are then slow cooked for at least an hour. The undeniable aroma fills the room and has your stomach and mind set on the meal ahead. Finally the dinner bell rings and all are called to round the table. With the first taste warming your mind and body a smile can not help follow. The meal itself takes on it’s own pace allowing conversation to naturally take over.

A slow bowl of soup is maybe what we all need to break from our fast pace and instant lifestyle we are becoming accustomed to living in. I challenge you to fit in a bowl for yourself and to share with the ones you love.


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  • brent says:

    i certainly agree with you. soup sometimes is the forgotten middle child of the dinner table being over looked for the flashy appies, or the decadent dessert. bring on the soup. we are going into the perfect season of soup.


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