Waste Not Cooking

Waste Not – Want Not? Catchy phrase but what does it mean?

 This may sounds like a new age concept in food management as most of us have been raised with the abundance of a never ending food supply. You might say we have been privileged to limit ourselves to a single use food item for most of our lives. The new and shiny ‘so it must be better’ mentality is applied to many aspects of our lives.

Food items have become convenience purchases as we have evolved further away from the necessity to re-purpose. Many aspects of our food are thrown to waste.

No Waste cooking was a necessity in times of rations and limited food availability. Today it has become a social and ethical movement. Waste Not cooking is imperative as we become conscience of our impact on the food supply and dependent upon a limited number of food sources.

Take example a beet. Yes the obvious usage would be the root itself. The stems and leaves are generally discarded. The beet is a whole usage vegetable. The leave and stems can be added to salad, wrapped in dough or rice as a side dish, added to soups or stir fry, even sautéd on their own to compliment a meal.

Beet Leaf Buns with Creamy Dill SauceThis Thanksgiving I have used the turkey liver to make a delicious paté that will make a fine compliment to the appetizers planned. Decadent and velvet smooth. Much finer than most purchased from a can (another benefit of No Waste cooking). I am kicking myself for not taking advantage of the whole offering. Although it may not sound exciting, the turkey neck and carcass will add the rich flavor to my soup stock. Opinions may change after one spoonful of savory broth.

Turkey PatePastry left over from trimming the pumpkin pie has been easily transformed into petite jam pies just the right size for my daughter’s hands. What a tasty treat that could have entered up in the waste bin. To think I would have missed that smile of surprise when there was a treat after dinner. Credit for this idea would have to go to my Grandma. It was passed down from her to my Mom and then to me. Fond memories of little treats made especially for me.

Mini Jam Pastry Pies

With our food sources becoming more controlled by corporation monopolies and the food cost continuing to rise, Waste Not cooking may become a necessity. So get creative. Have some fun and think outside the box. It will only be to your culinary benefit.


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