Turkey Dinner Reincarnation

Nothing short of amazing is the creative opportunity and versatility of the turkey dinner.

Let’s start at the beginning to set the mood for the turkey dinner feast. Often overlooked and discarded as waste or a special treat for your pet is the turkey liver. You may be thinking ugh liver! But seriously YES LIVER! Easily prepped the night before the slimy liver can be miraculously transformed into a delectable rich turkey paté. Far superior quality and freshness than any opened can. A bit of preparation pays off in spades for all to enjoy and to be impressed.

This leads us to the main event, the turkey dinner. Much anticipated and success measured when it is all said and done by how many guests are left defeated on the couch. The ways in which we can prepare our birds are plentiful. Deep fried, oven roasted, barbecued or even smoked.  Oven roasted is the way to go if in the mood for tradition. Cooking breast down for the first 3/4 cooking time will produce the most tender juicy results. Drippings used for luscious gravies are later transformed as an  additive for turkey pot pies.

When everyone has had their fill of leftovers.The pies are filled with cubed turkey combined with a harmony of vegetables that dance in the rich creamy sauce. All is unsuspectingly contained in a smooth flaky housing. Ready made and on stand by waiting in the freezer to be pulled on a cold blustery day as a to go meal.

Last but not certainly least the often overlooked turkey carcass. Not so glamorous as it is literally the remains of the coveted turkey dinner. Simply added to the stock pot with large chunks of carrot, celery, onion along with seasoning and a bunch of fresh herbs. Simmering slowly on the stove top until the flavours meld into a rich broth that can be frozen for future soups or added to other main dishes.

Versatile and economic – a 13 lbs turkey dinner with all the trimmings at a cost of approximate $50 produces the following 48 servings:

Turkey paté appetizer – 4 servings

Turkey Pate

Turkey dinner – 10 servings


Turkey pot pies (3) – 18 servings


Turkey Stock – 16 servings


In this current economy it is definitely something to write home about. No doubt the turkey dinner remains a cooks staple with all the full fall flavour and versatility.


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