The Traditional Virtues of Turkey Day

As the leaves descend and we are knee deep in the fall season the pressure mounts for Turkey Day. Steeped in tradition – it is the holiday runner up to Christmas.

The grooves of similarity run deep. Turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing and of course pumpkin pie. We look forward to these occasions where we pull the silver and good china to display our feast. It is hard to break from layers of tradition built over the years.

As you plan for your guests and do a final head count, I challenge you this: Break a tradition and make one your own. If that scares, you bend one and put your own spin on it (go ahead spice up the cranberry sauce! The Aunties will forgive you…eventually.)

Don’t stress as you place that turkey, roast or even ham in the oven. As long as the wine flows it will all work out in the end.

This year our turkey is literally losing it’s backbone! Other than that the form will be intact with lemon and herbs below enveloping it with sweet aroma. Italian sausage stuffing piped under the skin will keep the flesh moist while adding it’s own melody of flavor. Roasted honey ginger carrots will add a nice balance to the savory stuffing. Roasted garlic smashed potatoes will round out the plate. For dessert a curry spiced pumpkin pie with vanilla infused whip cream.

From our kitchen to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!


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