No Brew

Wanted: Cup of Joe

Sadly that day has come to say goodbye to the one that warms your hands as you wrap your fingers around your cup. The one that gets your morning started with the first sip that makes you gently close your eyes and prepare for the challenges ahead. It was a cold start to the crisp fall day. Our coffee maker was no longer able to provide the welcoming aroma that greets you as you enter the kitchen. A staple in our daily lives for the past 6 years was gone.

The hunt is on for a replacement which seems to be no easy feat. Sure there is plenty of selection, countless features and reviews. Which one would fit our daily routine? It may seem trivial to some but to others it is a monumental decision. How many start their day sets the tone for what is to come.

Like many, our usual daily start is with a basic and convenient drip coffee. Preset the night before and ready for the morning hustle and bustle. Not the first choice of technique but a good hearty cup that does the trick. Mostly due to quantity versus quality.

With the kettle ready we have been enjoying our french press cup of Joe. It has been pulled from the cupboard. Happily taking its place on our kitchen counter for longer than a weekend indulgence. Quality has overcome quantity. The depth of flavour is deeper and more robust. The additional prep is well worth the deep black brown richness that fills the cup.

Weekends are generally filled with the options of the french press, the stove top espresso or the steamy cappuccino maker. Each with its own flavour profiles. It is amazing how the type of bean, the grind and the preparation technique can change the overall tasting experience.

The fancy mocha, caramel, pumpkin drinks all have there place in my heart, but a good basic cup of coffee mastered to your liking is worth getting out of the comfort of the covers for.


So how do you brew?


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